Gargano Outdoor

Gargano Outdoor

Gargano, paradiso del turismo attivo in Puglia

Il Gargano, una delle principali destinazioni turistiche in Italia, ma ancora poco conosciuto come paradiso per gli amanti della natura e dell’outdoor. Un promontorio circondato dal mare con un cuore verde protetto dal Parco Nazionale del Gargano. Il fascino dell’avventura in un’oasi di relax!


Centro Yoga Wu Wei in Foresta Umbra

Centro Yoga Wu Wei in Foresta Umbra

Our Alessandra is not only one of the best official tour guide of the Gargano National Park, but also the teacher and founder of the Wu Wei Yoga Center in San Giovanni Rotondo. With her you can reach by bicycle or by foot one of the calmest corners of the Foresta Umbra, of a San Menaio’s beach or side of the Lago di Varano, and begin your yoga experience in the Gargano.


Vieste, Gargano’s easternmost point and is the most exposed place to several kinds of wind. Long sandy beaches alternate with rocky tips, and each surfer can fine the ideal spot for its fave discipline like kitesurfing, windsurf and SUP. On the Gargano you can do kayak, snorkeling and scuba diving schools are available above all but not only in the protected marine area of the Isole Tremiti.


One of Southern Italy’s most important trail running events, the Gargano Running Week takes place every year in Mattinata.

Gargano’s biking routes are perfect also for the practice of trail running and for walking. You can find some hiking routes with GPS tracks here.


Gargano’s cliffs offer three climbing walls: Palombaio in Rignano Garganico, Ripe Rosse in Mattinata and L’Olimpo in Manfredonia.