The Apulia Bike Route Project Discover #pugliabybike

The Apulia Bike Route Project Discover #pugliabybike

Apulia Bike Route. The first cycle tourism portal in Apulia

In Puglia there was no website where lovers of cycling tourism can see maps and plan their routes.

For this reason Apulia Bike Route, our project, was born. Apulia Bike Route ( is the portal for cycling tourism in Apulia, where it will be possibile to choose the best routes, download GPS tracks and explore things to do and to see.

“Apulia Bike Route is more than a website, but a network of operators offering 360-degree services for cycling tourists.”

A website containing a list of professional and certified operators to match the ever-growing demand for sustainable tourism, which needs to be facilitated through a real welcome network. From the accommodations to rentals and bike shops, from the historical and natural attraction open to bicycles and provided with parking facilities to the tour operators, enterprises and guides offering guided tours, all of course bike friendly.

Cycling tourists, excursionists and whatever kind of holiday-makers wanting to visit Apulia and its historical cities, enjoy the typical towns and the manifold landscape of the most western Italian region, will find in the website also and above all practical information on how to plan their tour indipendently or thanks to bookable offers, the cycle stations and cyclists meeting places,the intermodal transport on trains and buses. Moreover, there is a section on annual events such as the numberous “trails”, the Cycle-exploration of the Apulian Acqueduct and the bike festivals.

Apulia Bike Route is a project by ALMA APS, “PIN winner – Initiative promoted by the Younth Politics Department of the Apulia Region and ARTI and financed by european funds ESF – OP Apulia 2014/2020 Action 8.4 and DCF”. Please visit

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