Bourbon’s Cycle Route

Bourbon’s Cycle Route

Along the routes of the old South between Naples, Bari and Matera

The Bourbon’s Cycle Route is a national route connecting South Italy’s capital city, Naples, with Apulia’s regional capital city, Bari, in less than 300 km traversing the Irpinia, Basilicata and the Apulia inland with typical villages like Minervino Murge and timeless symbols like Castel del Monte, a formal synthesis of classical antiquity, Islamic world, Nort-European cultures, Frederick II’s bulwark in the heart of the Alta Murgia National Park. Ruvo di Puglia welcomes us with its small alleys and one of the most beautiful Romanic cathedrals in Apulia. As we get closer to Bari, we ride past another juvel city, Bitonto with the gorgeous cathedral of the holy doctors Cosma and Damiano. Bitonto.

There is also a branch connecting Bari and Matera in about 80 km past Altamura, woods of oaks and almond trees, the Alta Murgia pastures, a land that seems to come out of an 18th Century painting, though with the Bari-Matera railway line always at a small distance.


  • Melfi
  • Venosa
  • Minervino Murge
  • Castel del Monte
  • Ruvo di Puglia
  • Bitonto
  • Bari
  • Matera
  • Altamura
  • Grumo Appula
  • Bari


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(N.B. Use Apulia Bike Route’s updated GPS tracks)