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IGargano, the spur of the Italian boot, is a little known cycling paradise, even though it is one of the most important vacation places in Italy. A promontory surrounded by the sea, with challenging ups and downs overlooking the sea and endless climbs for those who love road bikes or breathtaking mountain bike routes in the heart of the Gargano National Park in the Umbra Forest. And thanks to e-bikes you can get anywhere!

Between a tour and the other, the Gargano also offers ideal places for an outdoor break, farms, trabucchi and mountain refuges, to taste the traditional dishes, orecchiette flavored with turnip greens in spring or courgettes talli in summer, hornbeam and chicory, pancotto and lampascioni. The authenticity of the flavors is also found in dairy products such as caciocavallo podolico, pecorino canestrato and cheeses made with Garganic goat milk, but also in baked products that are particularly good on the “Mountain of the Sun”: the large bread wheels produced in the wood-burning ovens of Monte Sant’Angelo, the typical focaccia of San Marco in Lamis and the paposcia of Vico.

Discover the paths of the Gargano

Road bike and mountain bike routes are available as GPS tracks and printable maps on the Gargano Cycle Hub website.

Gargano Cycle Hub